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The Association Of Common Wealth Universities Blue Charter Fully-Funded Fellowship 2018/2019

| Deadline: Wednesday 7 November at 23:59 GMT  | Value:  Fully Funded (10, 000 GBP) |




About The ACU Blue Charter Fellowship

  • The Commonwealth Blue Charter affirms our collective commitment to preserving and nurturing the world’s oceans. Part of this includes tackling marine pollution – specifically the issue of marine plastics, which are drastically affecting the health of our oceans, marine life, and the Blue Economy.
  • As part of the Marine Plastics Research & Innovation Framework, the ACU is launching a new fellowship programme that will provide 35 academic fellows with 2-3 month placements at ACU member universities across the Commonwealth, as well as in industry.
  • These fellowships will support world-class research and innovation in marine plastics, and help fulfil the objectives of the Commonwealth Marine Plastics Research and Innovation Framework.
  • Research and research translation areas will cover the broad area of marine plastics, including:
  • preventing plastics from getting into the sea
    developing alternatives to plastics
    the potential for cleaning up the seas



Qualifying Criteria

  • Applicants must be PhD students or post-PhD research staff at ACU member institutions in any Commonwealth country.
  • Applications from early career researchers (ECRs) are particularly welcomed. Early career is defined as current PhD students, researchers up to 10 years post-PhD, and also researchers who are returning to academic work following a career break.
  • Applicants from any discipline will be considered, as long as they can demonstrate how their work relates to the topic.
  • The fellowship must take place at an ACU member institution, or in industry , outside the fellow’s country of residence.
  • Fellows are expected to be highly skilled and motivated researchers whose proposed research topic is innovative, timely, and likely to lead to wider impact beyond the academic community.
  • Applicants must submit proof that the host institution is happy to host their fellowship as part of the application process.



Key Dates

  • The fellowships will last between two and three months, and must take place between 27 December 2018 and 31 March 2019.
  • Application Deadline: Wednesday 7 November at 23:59 GMT.



Value of Fellowships

  • A grant of up to £8000 GBP to cover travel, accommodation, sustenance, travel insurance, vaccinations and visa costs.
  • A research grant of £2000 GBP for research costs – this can include conference participation – associated with the fellowship.



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